SMD 2216 LED Strips

The SMD 2216 is the latest new members of the SMD LEDs family. It is the most tiny sized version but being with stable gold wire package. People could pitch more leds on PCB since it’s small size (2.2 millimeters in length and 1.6 millimeter in width). High density led quantities on felxible PCB board means more brighter but without light shadow nor dark areas. It’s always used for light source of led fixture and profiles. SMD 2216 can be in different white color temperatured led strips :2700k incandescent, 3000k warm white, 3500k soft white,4000k,5000k, 6000k cool white

SMD2216 led strip options:

  • 24V light strip lighting IP20 SMD 2216 warm white 2700k light with 24w 420 leds per meter.
  • The 5 mm width ultra  thin led strip light of SMD 2216 comes with 24v, 10w per meter, 3000k and 240 leds per meter.
  • The CRI 95 led strip light of SMD 2216 being with 240 leds per meter.
  • The high intensity led strip lights by SMD 2216 with 20 watt per meter and 3000k.
  • Led light strip  SMD 2216 being with 3000k 24v and 120 leds per meter.
  • The led tape light by SMD 2216 being with 24v DC and 300 leds.


The SMD 2216 strip light is the most innovative led light. It has more advantages in applications;

  • leds being with small sized 22*16mm and thin, which makes wide viewing angles.
  • each led consumes 0.06w, it means 300leds consume 18w only, basicly save energy
  • The lighting efficiency is similar with SMD2835 but smaller.
  •  The working effeciancy of smd2216 in production is higher than big sized smd like smd 5050, smd 3528, smd 2835 ect,so its cost saved
  • SMD2216 led has better flexibility in dessign for it’s small size, more accurate for lighting designers
  •  More ideal and easier for irregular installation and assemling in applications.
  • people can choose 120 leds, 240 leds, 250 leds, 300 leds and 420 leds per meters according to lighting area and brightness requirment.
  • SMD2216 is being with stable color consistency, easy to control in mass production.
  • SMD2216 has more even lights with high density led quantities on PCB,which makes it an ideal light source led linear fixture and profile.
  • people can also choose IP65,IP67,IP68 waterproof versions for outdoor projects and exteriror lighting system.
  • both DC12V and DV24V are avaible for customers choice.