A SMD LED Module stands for Surface-Mount Device Light-Emitting Diode Module. This SMD LED is a new technology which is lightening on LED chips and are printed on the circuit boards. These are self-controlled chips that can either function on their own or plug them into a compatible unit.


The SMD LED 2835 led strip is a kind of light tape that explains the consumption of 12 watt per meter energy. This strip is very good in delivering brightness. The lightening effect of SMD LED 2835 is continuous in nature and also parallel in nature to a fluorescent tube.


The SMD LED 2835 flexible LED strip can be in different style to meet your projects in applications. Below are the possiblities for SMD LED 2835 Led Strip Light.

  • The 30 meter length roll led tape light in the SMD 2835 is a 7.2 watt per meter energy consumed package and comes in white color with IP20 for indoor use.
  • The 50 meter length roll led rope tape light in the SMD 2835 is a AC220V that comes in warm white color with outdoor IP65 waterpoof protection for outdoor projects.
  • The 20 meter length 24V SMD 2835 comes with 60 leds per meter and is a constant current strip light LED strip.
  • The dimmable led lighting strip is a SMD 2835 that has 120 leds and consumes 12 watt per meter, white 2800k-6500k with an IP20.
  • The extrusion led linear light has white 6000k and warm white 3000k colors offered with IP67.
  • The led strip light AC120V is a feature offered by SMD LED 2835 with 84 leds and a white color outdoor with an IP65 waterproof.
  • The zigzag led stripe is a light green SMD 2835 with 60 leds and 12V indoor light.
  • The zigzag led tape offers light white 3000k with 6.5mm width and 120 leds with 24v IP20.


The SMD 3528 is a LUMA 5 led strip. It is the most common strip of all the LED light strip chips. These strips have the lower brightness but they also consume the least power. Normally the SMD 3528 or LUMA 5 contains 18 LEDs in 1 foot and is available on a 5 meter roll i.e. 16.4 foot.
The SMD 2835 is a LUMA 20 led strip. It looks a lot like the LUMA 5 led strip but it happens to be a lot brighter, 4.6 times brighter than a SMD 3528 led strip. The LUMA 20 strips are available on a roll that is 10 foot long. The LUMA 20 led strips are more than the word BRIGHT! These are used in ultimate lightening task and even in the work lighting tasks.