People may note that the led light bar and linears are more and more popular,and it naturally grows rapidly for market demands. LED lights themselves are a great replacement of the bulbs which traditional halogen lamps and tungsten lamps for their bigger energy consuming and lights decay and shorter lifespan. LED light bars arewidely used for interior lighting design, exterior building cove, can be for home decoration and car,yacht lighting system.Especially, the drivers can be hidden in a linear bar channel, which could save space to get a good looking.

Advantages of LED Light Bars

  • LED light bars are always being with solid profile and channels for protection, which enable it’s protected from external shock and vibrations
  • LED bar lights do not contain mercury, unlike compact fluorescent lamps, it can be replaced fluorescent tubes completely
  • LED bars and linears can be in different coated colors, silver, black,metallic,even wooden colors to be harmonious with?ambience in designs
  • Led bar light are ideal for cars,trucks, bus,refrigerator and other equipments for it’s easier installation and?Impact resistance
  • The same as other led lights, led bars are being with long life span, which can be maintance free
  • LED Light bars always have better heat-dissipation for its metal circuit board, even people may use high powered led lights source, like the backlight of TV


Nowadays these are used everywhere from table lamps to public places usage for illumination and even residential areas where there is a need for less consumption of energy. The public places have also opted for these so that less energy can put out bright light which is almost essential in a way. All Public Places and Hotels have switched from ordinary circuit bulbs to LED Light bars. Even while decorating the city bridges, these are used excessively.

Difference between LED Strip Light & LED Light Bar

LED comes in different shapes and sizes which includes the very popular LED Strips along with LED bars nowadays.

LED Strip Bars are sold in standard sizes which are company made and can hardly be adjusted. These are rigid and have a sophisticated appearance for an enhanced outer appearance which helps in utilizing it for homes and offices. One of its best properties is of smooth illumination which gives off non-scattered and bright light providing directional lighting according to needs. In LED light bars, certain accessories are required like extension cables etc.

Whereas in LED Light strips, these are far more delicate as compared to Light bars and are flexible enough to be cut and adjusted according to customer needs. Whereas LED light strips usually have exposed circuits and wiring which might be less suitable if you plan to use it for visible applications. These also are helpful in reaching haphazard and far off corners of a place which adds extra points. These emit smooth and illuminating light which is high in brightness and density, and usually require an installation driver which helps in low consumption of energy and voltage stability.